It’s pure fun to drive the Velotaxis.

It’s to be paid for training.

A driver to the newspaper “Die Zeit”

driver sui velotaxi

There are more than 1000 drivers around the world who daily use Velotaxis: many are still students, but there are artisans, musicians, computer techs …

This job provides the opportunity for our drivers, who have an average age of 30 years, to do outdoor sports, come into contact with people of different cultures and nations, and at the same time to integrate their financial resources.

What are the requirements to become a DRIVER?

To work as a driver you need to have good communication skills, know more than one language, be reliable, friendly and helpful to our guests, as well as have a good knowledge of the tourism resources of Bolzano and the area in general. It ‘also needed a passion for the world of cycling, and of course a good physical condition.